July 13 — CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME, Wrinkle Neck Mules (2012)

IMG_1939It’s time more of the world knew about Wrinkle Neck Mules. The band formed on a porch near the University of Virginia in 1999 and has released six full-length records. And yet — even though this song was featured in a Geico commercial featuring a dancing lizard — the band has never achieved more than cult status.

Principal songwriter Chase Heard, who plays banjo, bass and guitar, is also an accomplished painter and architect. And because the band’s creative force apparently knows no boundaries, a few years ago three members formed the Howler Brothers clothing brand.

“After you’ve been a full-time touring musician for many years,” they say, “no one thinks you’re insane when you tell them you’re starting a clothing company. It seems like a flight to stability by comparison.”



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