July 6 — LITHIUM, Nirvana (1991)

IMG_1928Nirvana keeps popping up. Earlier this week, a video surfaced of the band playing in a Radio Shack in Aberdeen, Washington. This was before Dave Grohl was with the band; it was pre-“Bleach.” In fact, it was before Nirvana was the band’s name. They went by Ted Ed Fred.

Also in the news, the late Kurt Cobain’s paintings and several notebooks will on display at the Seattle Art Fair in August. One of the paintings was the genesis for the cover art to “Insesticide.”

Tonight I’ll finish Fredrik Backman’s outstanding novel “Beartown,” set in a quiet town full of broken people, most of whom live and die by the success of the local hockey team. One of the central characters is Maya, a teenager who’s at the center of a tragedy. Maya plays guitar; her dad, the general manager of the hockey team, plays drums.

“Dad,” she says in one scene, “can we go out to the garage and play Nirvana?”

No spoilers here. But that sound, Nirvana, is the sound of Maya’s anger and hurt.



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