July 3 — AMERICAN TUNE, Paul Simon (1973)

IMG_1924Happy birthday, America. I know it’s been a tough year. People are pulling on you from all directions. It’s crazy what some people think you should be. They sure can be loud sometimes.

I’m not sure I’ve seen it like this before. But you’ve been around a lot longer than me. And you’ve seen a lot. You’ve been batted around and tested. You know what it’s like to be tattered, frayed at the seams. And you always come through. You’re resilient, that’s for sure. Good thing you have such a solid foundation.

And though this may not be your best year, you’ll be back. We’ll make sure of it. You’re not in this alone. There are a lot of people fighting for you, doing what they can to make sure your strength is restored. We’re still so proud of you.

Chin up, America. Keep fighting the good fight. You’re going to get through this. We’re in it together.



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