June 17 — JUST US KIDS, James McMurtry (2008)

IMG_1885Paul Jeannotte and I met in the year we turned twenty-two, at a summer internship in Washington, D.C. We started coming to the College World Series during the summer we turned thirty-six. This year we turn fifty-four.

It’s like we’ve grown up together. Which is odd, considering we didn’t become friends until we were adults. And also considering that at times, it feels like we never grew up at all. We still laugh at decades-old inside jokes. We go on wild goose-chase tales together. We talk a lot about music and baseball. After the game, we eat ice cream.

That’s the beauty of growing older with people you love, people who’ve been by your side for years. The physical signs of aging are sure there. But spiritually, you’re still just kids.



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