June 9 — FRIDAY, Ice Cube (1995)

IMG_1873With no meetings and several emails to get out, this afternoon I set up shop at the District House, a coffeehouse in the city’s Plaza District. Turns out I wasn’t the only one working.

Auditions were being held for the hip-hop movie “Battle Zone.” Unknowingly, I sat near the table where young, aspiring hip-hop artists and actors did their first interviews, before being escorted back for their auditions. The interviewer was in his 40s, a dreadlocked man who grew up on East Coast rap. The director was more buttoned up, a 50ish African-American man with glasses and a shaved head.

To my amazement, they didn’t ask me to read a part. Maybe they’ve already cast the role of the high school principal or the “you kids get off my lawn” neighbor.

It all seemed legitimate, very professional. Time will tell whether I saw the next Ice Cube.



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