May 31 — BATDANCE, Prince (1989)

IMG_1863While living in Minneapolis in the late ’80s, I heard an early-morning announcement that native son Prince would perform a dress rehearsal — that night — for the European tour of the “Batman” soundtrack. Tickets were available, hurry, right now. The cost: two cans of food for the Minnesota Food Bank.

It was one of the most memorable concerts of my life. It was a star-studded affair — Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson and Morris Day all attended — and Prince was electric. By that point I had been a fan for six years, but not until seeing him live did I appreciate his talent — the energy, charisma, musicianship, and precision. At 5-foot-2, the man could command a room.

Twenty-eight years later, I have a 5-year-old boy who is drawn to funk, hip-hop, and Batman. On the way to and from Lake Hefner last night, we listened to this song no fewer than six times. Which is fine with me. It’s a six-minute odyssey around Prince’s brilliant musical world, stitching together funk, dance music, dialogue from the movie, and soaring guitar work.

Luke was so inspired, when we got home he went to the basement and played his drums for ten minutes. His musical taste has yet to grasp the concept of subtlety or restraint.



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