May 29 — GET AWAY, Yuck (2011)

IMG_1857My home-base for satellite radio, The Loft, is off the air for two weeks. Speculation as to why is running rampant online (which pretty well describes most online conversations).

This has led my ears to other places, including SiriusXMU, the network’s station for indie rock. You’d think this would be a regular destination for me, since my own musical roadmap largely grew out of the alternative and underground movement of the 1980s and ’90s. But the playlist at SiriusXMU lacks something. It seems, I don’t know, there’s too much salad and not enough meat. I want more wailing, more noise, more heart.

But today I heard a song by the London-based band Yuck that set the world right again, a ragged, chaotic affair with vocals that recall Pavement, guitars from the school of Dinosaur Jr, and the aesthetic of Sonic Yourh. Wouldn’t you know it — all bands from the ’80s and ’90s underground.

As one of the You Tube commenters wrote, “God, this song makes my soul soar.”



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