March 31 — IS IT LIKE TODAY?, World Party (1993)

IMG_1734It used to be that we found music, and sometimes the hunt was long and fruitless. We waited through bad songs and commercials on the radio, hoping something sparkly would shine through. We read reviews in music magazines, then laid down money for an album we’d never heard, hoping for the best. We went to parties, and if the music was good, we flipped through vinyl collections.

But now it seems that music finds us. It knows we will be there, listening to The Loft on satellite radio, because that’s the table where we sit for certain dishes. It knows we’ll check in with NPR Music, because we appreciate the hosts’ tastes and humor. And it comes to us on Spotify’s personalized Discover Weekly playlists, because it watches us, takes notes and taps on our window with nuggets we may enjoy. Like this, before sunrise today.



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