February 3 — LITTLE RED CORVETTE, Gear Daddies (1992)

img_1625With this week’s news that Prince’s music will soon be on major streaming platforms, now seems a good time to drag out this nugget. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, a band out of Austin, Minnesota, made a minor splash in the Upper Midwest, riding the wave all the way to an appearance on Letterman. When I lived in Minneapolis during that time, my friend Paul Jeannotte and I spent many a boozy night swaying and cheering with the Gear Daddies at the Uptown Bar and the Cabooze. But the band’s heyday was short-lived. They called it quits after two studio albums. But to their legion of loyal fans, they left a gift: a cover of their crosstown hero’s “Little Red Corvette,” a limited edition available only on 7-inch purple vinyl. (And, adding to the obscurity, B-side covers of Marty Robbins and Better Midler songs.) Delivering the strong perfectly straight, without kitsch, it seems perfectly made for a pedal-steel guitar. Nearly a year after he died, I still miss Prince. Truth is, I miss the Gear Daddies even more.



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