November 9 — DON’T STOP, Fleetwood Mac (1977)

img_1324Leading up to this week, I fully expected this would be my Song of the Day after the election. This is what ushered in the Bill Clinton era in 1992, the song blaring from the rafters, along with a wave of optimism. With the Clintons’ return to the White House in 2017, the good time would be back.

Then, something unexpected happened: Donald Trump won the election. It’s one of the most shocking elections in presidential history. Last night — as Trump victories in Florida and North Carolina foretold the hours ahead — I slipped into a fog. Unable to sleep, it stayed with me throughout the night. How could our country elect a bigot and a pathological liar to the White House? How could we send the most imminently unqualified man in history to the highest office in the world? And how could the polls, which gave Hillary a 70-85 percent chance of victory, have been so wrong?

And then the sun came up, morning in America. I’m still befuddled, and so disappointed. And I’m still worried. But the anger has passed. This country is bigger than one person. We can’t stay down, and I won’t. For me, it came down to looking for the good, and spreading it. A Trump presidency is ripe for a counter-movement, a resurgence of goodness and kindness so strong, so resilient, it drowns him out, puts a sock in his mouth.

I have no respect for the man. But, as President Obama said, we need him to succeed. I’ll give him a chance. We have to. But we can’t count on him making our and others’ lives better. That’s up to us.


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