August 20 — GOODBYE GIRL, David Gates (1978)

imageLast night I dreamed Lauren and I were in an old basement, picking up litter and throwing it into a dumpster. As we finished, a song began playing. It was “Goodbye Little Girl,” a mid-’70s soft rock number, something from a TV series or movie, along the line of John Sebastian’s “Welcome Back.” The cover art appeared in my mind, large yellow letters outlined in red, over a black background. The melody, voice and some of the lyrics were crystal clear. Upon waking, I looked it up on Spotify, searched on Google and You Tube. But to no avail. I don’t think it exists. Perhaps this is what some songwriters experience, waking up with ninety percent of a song written in their heads. In 1978, David Gates wrote and recorded “Goodbye Girl” for Neil Simon’s film of the same name. If this had ever entered my consciousness, it was only a blip, and it was decades ago. But this is the closest approximation to my dream that I can find.



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