July 10 — BULL DURHAM, Glen Campbell (1964)

imageTonight I caught the Santa Fe Fuego vs. the Topeka Train Robbers. It can best be described as “Bull Durham” with green-chile hot dogs. About a hundred fans, some of whom were actually watching, were scattered through the WPA-era Fort Macy Ball Field. It was classic minor-league ball. To wit: When the home team hits a home run, they pass a hat so fans can give him a tip. It appears the players wash their own uniforms — because obviously, some do not. The announcer, a kind of Hispanic Harry Carey, was continuously confused, most likely sipping cold beer throughout the game. This, along with a big batch of errors and hits — and 14 runs in the first three innings — made it a challenge to keep a scorebook. The Pecos League is comprised of teams throughout the High Plains. Most of the players have minor-league or small-college experience, and at least four of tonight’s players have seen Major League action. Today they make $50 a week. All with hopes of hitting a hot streak, attracting the attention of a scout, and having a shot at the Show. Dreamers and optimists, all of them. Man, I love this game.



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