April 14 — WINDFALL, Son Volt (1995)

image“What song changed your life?” That’s the question posed today by an NPR music correspondent — a fair question, but tough to answer. There have been a dozen artists who have changed the course of my musical journey over the years — Kiss, the Replacements, Uncle Tupelo, Robert Earl Keen. If there’s a single song that defined a change, if not altered my life, it’s this one. I was 32 and living in a garage apartment in Tulsa, and starting to reconnect with my rural roots. It coincided with the alt-country “No Depression” movement of the day. Suddenly, these artists, this sound started to resonate. Pedal steel, fiddles, dobro. I started identifying with classic country, and reading books about small farms and “Travels with Charley.” I ended my nights with Jack Daniels, and bought my first pair of cowboy boots since high school. Vacationed in New Mexico and Colorado, went horseback riding. Solitude was my companion, my friend. And this song was the score. The open road at night, your worries flying away like roof shingles on a windy day, an AM station “somewhere in Louisiana.” My life was changing, as it were. And this song came along for the ride.



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