April 4 — COME DANCING, The Kinks (1983)

imageWhen this song was released while I was in college, it was heralded as a great comeback from a band rarely heard from in a decade. A nice jaunty tune, it has rarely entered my world since then. Until today. Twice. Sarah Hart — formerly with the Tulsa World, now with ESPN — Tweeted this: “No one realizes how sad this song is. But I love it.” She’s right; I’ve never paid attention to the lyrics about a dancehall where “the big bands used to come and play / My sister went there on a Saturday.” It’s a love letter to a special place, long since taken over by modern development. Tonight, this song greeted Lauren, Luke and I as we walked into a restaurant, Republic Gastropub, which perhaps sets on a spot that once meant something to someone.


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