August 8 — ATLANTIC CITY, Bruce Springsteen (1982)

B9C89DCB-D857-4B65-932C-4655E7244EF2“We’re such nerds,” said Carrie Elkin at the Blue Door tonight. “We listened to Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’ four times on the drive up here today. That’s one ballsy album.” Elkin, a singer-songwriter and guitarist, accompanied Sam Baker at the show. It was a loose, almost silly affair, full of false starts, forgotten lyrics and meandering stories. The levity is a welcome reprieve to Baker’s bleak songs. “We try not to play two sad songs in a row,” Baker said. “We put a happy one in between, like the creamy filling in an Oreo cookie. But sometimes, it seems like someone broke into the package and took all the filling.”



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