July 17 — JESSIE’S GIRL, Rick Springfield (1981)

imageThe daily lists blasted out by everyone, it seems, are getting sillier. Case in point: SPIN Magazine recently ranked all 47 of Weird Al’s videos.

But today’s “Biggest Summer Songs of the ’80s,” courtesy of Rolling Stone, caught my attention, albeit for all the wrong reasons. It made me realize that in the 1980s, perhaps more than any other decade, the best stuff was in the underground. Of the 25 songs ranked today, based on chart position and sales during the summer month, I liked exactly two: the No. 1 song, “When Doves Cry,” by Prince; and this one.

I know it’s a one-hit wonder. I know it was sung by a soap opera pin-up boy. And I know it’s nothing more than sweet pop candy. But I don’t care. Because for 33 summers now, I have thought this song was awesome.



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