June 14 — ALLEGRO (ABRIDGED) WITH MANDOLIN …, Frederic Hand (1979)

imageOne thing I’ve learned about parenthood: some things are inevitable. I was at the TCU-Texas Tech game with Paul when Lauren called. Luke had fallen and hit his head on a coffee table at the hotel. “He probably needs stitches,” she said. “We’re going to the hospital.”

I ran two miles back to the hotel, got my car from valet, sped to Creighton University Medical Center and found them in the ER. Luke had a gash in his upper forehead, but he had a stuffed blue bear in his hand, and was very brave.

It brought to mind the scene from “Kramer vs. Kramer” (this song is from the movie) — of a playground accident, the panicked rush to the ER, the overwhelming, almost uncontrollable worry and fear, the excruciating and heart-breaking experience of trying to comfort your son while he gets stitches.

It’s a right of passage, the doctor reminded us. For him, as well as us.



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