May 13 — NOWHERE ROAD, Steve Earle and the Dukes (1987)

imageIn the first few weeks of the year, early in my tenure as chairman of OCCJ, an anti-bigotry nonprofit, I suggested that our board should discuss our stance on gay marriage. My intentions were good; more than taking a vote, I merely wanted us to have a discussion in case we are asked for a position. “We haven’t talked about it” seems an unacceptable response.

So now we have talked about it, debated it — with the Muslims, Catholics and conservatives against it, and the Unitarians, LGBT community and liberal bands of Episcipals and Methodists for it — and everyone seems committed to fighting bias, yet some faith traditions simply will not endorse same-sex marriage.

I’m beginning to wonder what I have started and what I’m trying to accomplish. “I been down this road just searching for an end / It don’t go nowhere, it just brings you back again.”



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